Sherrie Handrinos

Sherrie Handrinos is a graduate of Wayne State University.  There she received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Management and also served on the executive board of her sorority throughout the course of her college experience.  At the age of nineteen, and with only six months invested in the company Arbonne International, she became not only the fastest, but the youngest person to achieve the level of Executive Regional Vice President in the company’s twenty-three year history.  Along with this great achievement Sherrie was also recognized as one of the top twenty consultants in the United States for sales and sponsoring.  Boost 1 Marketing working with many different types of clients servicing their specific wants and needs.
Sherrie is an active member and on the board of the Detroit Sports Broadcasting Association as well as other non-profit organizations throughout the city of Detroit.  Sherrie also was involved with doing promotional work for Universal Cheerleaders Association.  She has been recognized nationally for her success in Collegepreneur magazine for being one of the nation’s most successful young entrepreneurs growing her business while in college as well as being the first female to ever take the cover story in Spring 2008.
Over the past 4 years Sherrie has helped raise over 250,000 for various foundations and charitable organizations across Metro Detroit.  Upon reaching the level of success she has with her own company, Boost 1 Marketing, she decided to start her own foundation to help others, like her, who are young entrepreneurs hoping to start a business, but do not have the financial means to do so.  With the Sherrie Handrinos Foundation, she will be able to help others begin to work on their own goals of launching their own business.