Robert Dorogi

Robert Dorogi started his broadcast career on the west part of Michigan at a radio station in Whitehall. After being drafted into the United States Army, he was sent to Vietnam where he worked as a disc jockey and reporter for Armed Forces Radio and Television in downtown Saigon. He returned home briefly after receiving a Purple Heart in Vietnam, and went to work for George and Bob Benko in Sandusky, Michigan, as a morning disk jockey and sports announcer for local high school football games. He then received an offer from WKHM Radio in Jackson, Michigan, where he started off as mid-day announcer and sports director. Bob did his own show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday he did live play-by-play of High School football and basketball. He later moved to Sales and Marketing at the station. He left WKHM for a larger salary as Sales Manager at WIBM Radio, a station across the town in Jackson. Bob also worked at Michigan International Speedway, doing media relations work. He still feeds reports to various radio and TV stations during the summer months from the speedway. As fate would have it, two years later, while at WIBM Radio, his former radio station — WKHM — was up for sale. Bob and three others (non radio, just investors) bought WKHM. Because of his broadcasting career, Bob was put in charge as owner and manager of WKHM from 1985 until 1992. It was in June 1992 that the other investors decided to sell the station to other radio people for a large sum of money. In 1992, Robert started his own Advertising/Public Relations agency, B.R.D. Marketing, which he runs today. He insists that all of his public relations background is because of his tie-in with radio promotions with the Walt Disney Company for the past 15 years. He still is invited down to Disney when a new attraction is enveiled to report the event to various stations in Michigan. Bob resides in Jackson, Michigan. Email him at: