George Benko

George is part owner of several radio stations located in Sandusky, Michigan — WMIC, WTGV, and WBGV-FM. He also contributes news and sports reports to these stations. He is an attorney and a former judge in Michigan, and resides in Birmingham with his wife and son. He is a long-time member of the DSBA and the Automotive Press Association.Sanilac Broadcasting Company was founded in 1968 by George Benko and Robert Benko, when WMIC AM signed on the air June 27, 1968 from studios located in Sandusky, Michigan. WMIC was originally at 1560 on the AM dial where it remained for nineteen years. On August 17 of 1971, WTGV-FM signed on at 97.7 FM as a simulcast partner of WMIC. In those days the stations were known and WMIC AM & FM.