Dave Goetze

Dave Goetz is Operations Manager for the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association. He is an Associate Member of the DSBA since 2008. Dave Goetze is the ‘Point Person’ in the Port Huron office.  He is responsible for overseeing all the day to day activities in the office and works closely with his administrative team.  Dave is a strong believer in making connections in the community. His public relations, sales, and marketing philosophy revolves around five basic principles:

Community Connections – listening, understanding, and meeting the needs in the local community.  The Port Huron Icehawks, have distributed FAN SURVEY’S to obtain input which the team and front office plan on using to help the team improve on the services they provide.  As Dave said, ‘we must provide both a quality product on the ice, and a quality entertainment experience for the fan.’  As former Port Huron Flags President Charlie Barrett, shared with Dave at a recent community leaders meeting at the Huron Athletic Club, ‘no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.’  Dave is committed to the principles of CARING for fans, the team, and leading the front office in caring and serving this community.

Corporate Connections – working with local business leaders including such groups as the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce, Compass Business Alliance, Mainstreet, BNI, and many other community networking groups.  It’s all about making and establishing relationships with the local business community.  As Dave said, ‘we are all very pleased to be working with so many fine companies both big and small in the Blue Water Area. We invite you to call us to customize a promotional marketing package that best meets your needs.’

Charity Connections – working with local non-profit organizations through our REVENUE SHARING program at the Icehawks is one of the core values of the team.  We work with local schools, churches, youth groups, athletic/band boosters, United Way agencies, boys/girls scouting programs, etc. For each $10 ticket voucher sold $3 goes back to the non-profit organization that purchases the ticket voucher. Personally, Dave has been involved with charities for over twenty years.  He has been the Operations Manager for the Detroit Red Wings Alumni since 2003, the Operations Manager for the Shawn Burr Foundation since 2000, and the Operations Manager
for the Diabetes Care Educational Association since its inception in 2004.  He is also very involved in his local congregation at Colonial Woods Missionary Church since 1981. He tries to live his life by a motto quoted to him by well known author and guest speaker, Mitch Albom, ‘giving is living.’

Grass Roots Connections – Connecting with the community is what it is all about.  The players, coaching staff, and front office will be making multiple public appearances in our community.  If your school, church, sports team, or business would like to have a player appearance, then please contact the front office for more information.

Family Connections – Dave has been a resident of Port Huron since his birth in 1961.  He currently lives in Clyde, Michigan. When Dave was asked what his greatest successes in life were to this point he said, ‘my marriage to my wife, Laurie, who has been my best friend for the past 27 years, my three beautiful teenage daughters – they take after their mother, of course, and my strong faith in God which has guided my steps in helping me to become a leader in my community.’  A graduate in Clinical Psychology in 1986 from Central Michigan University and having practiced as a Nationally Certified Psychologist since that time, Dave’s final comments were, ‘making time for people, having passion in life, and working towards a mutual TEAM GOAL is at the hub of managing the Port Huron Icehawks. We’re all about team work, honesty, ethics, service, and hard work.  It’s nothing magical, just do ‘whatever it takes.’ Really, these life principles will apply whether you’re managing a hockey team, or being a father and husband.’
Reach Dave at: dgoetze@comcast.net