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Persuasive Essay

Persuasive writing is like having an argument. You need to discuss why one reasoning is better than another. Your goal for a Persuasive Essay is to convince the reader of a particular view or convince them to take a particular action.

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The golden rule when creating a Persuasive Essay is to base your arguments on facts and do not get sidetracked by opinion or evidence that has no basis. You need logical evidence that is proven with facts and give examples or provide information from experts in the particular field you are discussing.

Factors To Put Into Consideration When Writing Persuasive Essays

There are two examples of persuasive essays. The first one is where the writer provides advantages and disadvantages of a given topic while the second one being where the writer pays attention to a given specific feature of the title. When writing any of the examples of persuasive essays, there are some factors that one needs to bear in mind. These include:

Clear line of a statement. When writing essays, their construction should be done in a straight forward manner. There should be no beating around the bush.

Lucidity. It is a requirement that any person writing an essay should bring forth justifications in a simple and clear way. It is important to note the point that on many occasions, short phrases are always handy especially at the commencement of a given section.

Persuasiveness. It is equally important to try being persuasive in any article written. A persuasive writer has to know that writing essays is one way of communicating and should therefore capture the attention of the reader in whichever way possible. Nevertheless, the whole idea of benefits and losses in the essay is simply to capture the reader to the writer’s point of view.

Listing of examples. One of the ways of being influential in any art of writing is through giving illustrations. Illustrations are very important in an article because they help in supporting any argument. This ultimately convinces the reader that the writer knows what he or she is talking about. A writer is discouraged from being very generic in highlighting sources just be specific as this is the energizer to any persuasive article.

Quotations put together with references are another factor that cannot go unmentioned. Well-chosen examples add life into a composition.
Last but not least, consider beginnings as well as endings. In every essay, the opening remarks are very essential as this is what gets the attention of interested reader arrested. In the end, one must also state everything written in a summarized form.

15 Great Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essay

When you are tasked to write persuasive essay, the first thing you must think about is of course, your topic. But did you know that there are topics that make good outcomes for your paper, and there are those that don't? For instance, instead of writing about big social issues, you can opt to write about smaller topics under that broad issue. Why? It's because the large issues are so overly used by many college students already. So what are great topic ideas for your persuasive essay?

  • What is your stand about being a vegetarian?
  • What do you think about sex among teens at age 13?
  • Are you in favor of cheating in class?
  • What do you think about the image of USA?
  • Do you think blondes are smart or sluts?
  • What is your stand about teens getting into gambling?
  • Is it best to live in the city or in the rural areas?
  • Why should you study abroad and work abroad instead of working in your own country?
  • Why is laziness rampant when it comes to household chores?
  • What is the importance of learning at least one foreign language?
  • Would you consider being not married and yet living in with your partner?
  • How can you prove that coffee has more advantages over disadvantages?
  • Why do moms comment on their daughter's outfits all the time?
  • What do you think about parties in the USA?
  • What makes internet better than a television? Which is more of an idiot box?

There you go with some topic ideas for your persuasive essay.