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Top Reasons Why People Should Go Back to School

Top Reasons Why People Should Go Back to School

Here is one good reason why those who work on education leads fail: they simply do not address the whys. They are so focused on the hows (the features of their services) that they end up not meeting the needs of their prospects.
Since education is vast, there are a lot of areas that you can explore. One of them is the top reasons why they must go back to school, especially the adults:

1. They need to update their skills. Gone are the days when promotion is based on seniority. The first one who gets in to the organization is given a higher spot later. Today, it’s all about performance. So even if your leads have been in the company for five years, there’s still a huge chance that the next higher position will be given to someone new, especially if he or she performs better than your prospects.

Your leads may reason out that companies do provide trainings and seminars to their employees. This may mean that they do not have money to spend and time on courses. Though this is true, the amount of knowledge that they get out of these is very limited. After all, what can you possibly gain from an hour or few days’ worth of training?

2. They can boost the literacy rate of the country. You may ask, “Why should my college leads even think about that?” A lot of people are not really aware on the impact of such kind of rate. When a nation has high education rate--which means that a great deal of the population, to the very least, know how to read and write—it means that they have a stable workforce.

It will be a lot easier for domestic and foreign companies to set up businesses since they know that they will not have any problem with looking for human resources. A good literacy rate also means that the government is humane. They have taken the time and money to come up with sustainable educational programs for its people.

3. They can get better jobs. If your leads are not planning to climb up the ladder in the company, they may want to do so in another organization. However, for them to do that, they need to obtain the right degree. For instance, if they want the managerial position, a four-year course will never be enough. They need to have master’s degree. There are, in fact, others who are searching for employees with PhD or doctorate degrees. Moreover, their career opportunities will widen.

For instance, a journalism graduate may work as a newspaper columnist or editor in a publication, but if he earns a master’s degree in literature, he can have the chance to head a team or a department or even teach in college.

4. Education is inspiring. Children need examples, and adults are the most ideal. Your leads can prove to the younger generation that there is really no hindrance to learning. It is a continuous process. Even if they are already old, they still are entitled to learn new things. For those who are already parents, it will be a lot easier for them to instill educational values to their children.