Producer, Creative Services


This list of responsibilities is not exhaustive and additions, deletions or changes can be made at any time. DUTIES ·Write and produce TV, radio, cable, internet, social media and print materials to promote WXYZ-TV. · Write and produce other non-promotion projects such as PSA’s, commercials, sales and station presentation materials, etc. for WXYZ-TV.· Work to improve station image in the community through on-air and event promotion . · One week per month, create news topical promotions during the afternoon and evening shift.

  • Usjng Adobe Creative Suite, especially FinalCut Pro and AfterEffects, edit news and syndicated promos and other promos as assigned.
  • Provide back up log/traffic for Promotions Coordinator.

· Perform other duties as assigned by the Promotion Manager and the Creative Services Director. KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, SKILLS & ABILITIES· College degree in Communications, Journalism, English, Marketing or applicable field. · A minimum of 2-4 years experience promoting a local TV station. · Valid Drivers license and proof of insurance.· Must possess fundamental computer skills (Word/Excel) and type well. Must understand basic TV production skills such as scripting, composition, logging, field and studio production and editing. Must present sample reel (DVD or online). WORK ENVIRONMENT

  • Ability to sit/stand/walk for extended periods.
  • Ability to lift up to 15 pounds.
  • Some driving is required.