Master Control Operator


1. Ability to operate master control automation system and be familiar with backup systems and procedures. 2. Responsible for the playback to air of recorded and live programs, commercial spots, promos and public service announcements as scheduled by the traffic logs for multi-channel operation. 3. Responsible to monitor and verify that the programs, commercial spots, promos and public service announcements are correctly documented and any discrepancies are noted and reports are filed. 4. Responsible for the airing of Breaking News or Weather interrupts as required. 5. Responsible to interface with outside vendors such as captioning services and cable/satellite delivery systems. 6. Must be familiar with the Emergency Alert System and testing procedures as required by the FCC. 7. Must be familiar with transmitter monitoring as required by the FCC. 8. Responsible for ingest and recording of programs, commercial spots and promos and preparing the digital clips for air. 9. Must have good understanding of video and audio signals, waveform monitors and audio metering. 10. Understands signal routing and switching, including emergency routing. 11. Operation of satellite receiver controls and automation. 12. Operation of all video recording and storage processes. 13. Must be familiar with current station emergency power systems and procedures. 14. Other duties as assigned. Requirements Education: Bachelor Degree preferred. Major in Communications, Engineering preferred. Experience: currently or recently performing duties as a master control operator at a television station, or cable/satellite delivery system. Preferably at least 2 years prior experience. Equipment: Working knowledge of state-of-the-art video automation, digital video, current videotape formats, transmitter operation and control room equipment to accomplish daily playlist preparation and playback of programs and commercials to service the station’s on-air broadcast needs. Skills/Abilities: Should be a self-starter and work well under pressure. Must have the ability to make decisions quickly and seek the proper input. Good computer skills are a necessity. The ability to work with a variety of staff from all departments is critical. You will need to take input from supervisors and co-workers to meet on-air deadlines. Must be available for flexible hours, including holidays and weekends.